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we offer an alternative to traditional schooling for SOCCER athletes


Pathway is a program that gives young/amateur athletes they opportunity to train 2-3 times a day while the excel academically. Pathway is a home for student athletes committed to being their best in the classroom and on the field. It’s AN ALTERNATIVE option to give young athletes who aspire to play the game at the highest level an opportunity to follow a professional style training regimen.

We closely monitor the training load to keep the players fit and injury free while mastering their technical ability, game/positional IQ and building their mindset. This gives the player a real chance to master their ability. This program is for serious and responsible athletes with professional or collegiate aspirations. PATHWAY is a compliment to the players club training.

How's it possible?

APT Pathway will provide our athletes with all the training resources to immensely develop their mindset, technical skill, and physical ability. More importantly, we will provide our student athletes with the structure to complete their school work without physically being present in school. This gives them the flexibility to complete school work around training sessions and practices.

academic success

The Pathway program provides a class room environment for the athletes to independently do their school work with an in-class teacher to keep the students on task and on track. The students will have the option to enroll in Florida Virtual School – free on-line public school, or any private on-line school on their choice. Remote education has been the solution for committed athletes for the past 20 years because of the flexibility. Most platforms allow the student-athletes to do all their school work on the computer anywhere and any time. We provide resources to guarantee academic success.


The players train twice a day; a morning session to focus on developing their technical ability and an afternoon session to increase athleticism, conditioning, or recovery. Intensity and workload is closely monitored to avoid over-training, and to ensure the players can excel at their club practices and games.



The primary focus is to develop a professional athlete. However we understand that nothing is guaranteed in life, and even professional careers come to an end.  At PATHWAY we make sure we teach and instill characteristics such as mental fortitude, discipline, accountability, humility, etc. so our student athletes can thrive in any environment.

We aim to complete 20 hours of community service hours through out the school year. Last school year we volunteered at preschools to teach kids the fundamentals of soccer,  and volunteered with Habitat for humanity to help families in need. We hope this give our athletes a different perspective of life to not take anything for granted. 

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